Single Review: Ariana Grande x Big Sean, ‘Best Mistake’

Ariana-Grande-ft.-Big-Sean-Right-ThereThis is the third collab between Ariana Grande and Big Sean as the two have previously collaborated on ‘Right There’ and ‘Problem’. This time around it is more interesting being that it’s been rumored that the two are dating. I knew that there was some chemistry between the two when they performed ‘Right There’ at  “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Party”Also with rumors circulating about their romance, an Instagram photo posted on both Ariana’s and Sean’s have indicated something is going on between the two.

As for this new track, ‘Best Mistake’, I like that this is a different direction for Ariana. She sings a lot of R&B fused music, but it’s very pop at the same time. Pop at 21 years old is more intriguing than R&B in this day anyway. The track has a nice vibe and her voice doesn’t annoy me. I just think that she doesn’t show enough emotion. The inflection in her tone is just not there. She sounds great, but it’s just like she’s singing the lyrics from the paper and not really feeling it. I do like the direction of the song. It isn’t horrible.

Ariana’s sophomore album, My Everything, will be in stores/online August 25th.

Check out the track below:

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