Single Review: Beyoncé x Nicki Minaj, ‘Flawless (Remix)’

flawless-remixAfter weeks of speculation, it gets no more official than this ‘Flawless [Remix]’ dropping at midnight (8.3). Beyonce teams up with Nicki Minaj on this one and speaks out about the elevator incident, real fast.

“Of course sometimes shit goes down
When it’s a billion dollars on the elevator”

Now as for the overall track, of course as most Queen Bey fans I was waiting in anticipation. Now the original had a deeper message and for the remix, knowing that it would feature Nicki Minaj, I was ready for the punchlines and shit talking. Sure enough, that’s what I got. I’m not really impressed with the overall track though. I know Queen Bey Stans, slay me now. The track is just alright to me. For one I don’t like how it ended. Beyonce wasn’t horrible rapping. It’s just when Nicki, Onika, came in that she did this crazy rap thing that threw me off. Nicki threw a jab at Michael Jackson, it was more so for rhyming purposes I would hope.

“Like MJ’s doctor, they’re killing me: propofol. I know they hope I fall, but tell them winning is my motherf***ing protocol”

This track will more and likely go hard on the radio waves, BUT the way it ended was so sudden. It did leave me wanting more. It has to grow on me, but the PUNCHLINES were there.

CLICK HERE to listen to the track on rotation via Queen Bey’s site.

9 thoughts on “Single Review: Beyoncé x Nicki Minaj, ‘Flawless (Remix)’

  1. I haven’t listened to it yet! I know…what am I waiting on?? but I will when I get home. Anyway someone suggested to me that Nicki was throwing punchlines for Iggy…did u pick that up?

    1. Nicki is always throwing jabs saying that she is better than any female MC. She’s been dominating the game for as long as she has because there’s really no competition. As for her dissing Iggy she’s saying ‘washed up’ so she could be referring to Lil Kim OR with the timing if the song some might say it’s something between her & Remy.

      1. ahh ok well I heard it and I’m not a big fan of the song and true it would be interesting if there was someone to give her some real competition!

      2. Again I was expecting more. Like I said Queen Bey fans can slay me now. The track was not flawless. Did you hear the Lil Kim remix/response. She claims Nicki was throwing shots at her. I wouldn’t say that. Nicki was staying facts. She is the Queen right now. Lil Kim keeps looking for a fight and it’s petty and boring now.

      3. lol it is! She said something about making a baby? and I was confused clearly she’s tired…she needs to officially retire

      4. I agree. She’s picking a fight for no reason. My thoughts on her ‘remix’ / forced response will be up later

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