Video Review: Ne-Yo, ‘Money Can’t Buy’

Ne-Yo has released the visual for his latest collab with Jeezy, ‘Money Can’t Buy.’ Ne-Yo explains the track as:

“‘Money Can’t Buy’ is about a woman that represents all those qualities that money can’t buy—integrity, class, style, a woman who knows her worth. I needed the video to kinda represent moments that money can’t buy with a woman that money can’t buy.

Let’s get into the review of the video. While I understand the concept of the song the video is just bland. It does stick to the point of the song, which is a plus, but there’s nothing spectacular about it. It begins with a few sexual scenes which could lead to a concept for another video. It then flips to Ne-Yo on top of a roof standing in front of a beautiful all white Maybach while his lady pulls up in a drop top Chevy Camaro. Jeezy is in all black rapping elsewhere and then back to the concept. His girl rides out instead of Ne-Yo driving. They go to a corner store and then a kiddie birthday party. Overall the video is just boring. The concept could’ve been built on. Again, nothing spectacular.

The track is the lead single off Ne-Yo’s upcoming album, Non Fiction, expected to be released sometime this fall. In a recent interview with NYCs, “The Breakfast Club”, he discussed the vibe of the album.

“I came on home with this one. This album is 99.999998% R&B, meaning I can’t completely abandon that fanbase ’cause they kept the lights on for a very long time. I still got some stuff that can live in that [pop] world, but there’s so much R&B on this album.”

I haven’t really enjoyed a Ne-Yo album since Because of You and that was released in 2007. Hopefully this is all R&B. Ne-Yo is pretty boring to me now, but I won’t knock the fact that he’s talented and can make radio hits. Only time will tell how this turns out.

Check out the video below:

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