This Week In Music [V.18] — Video Overload #2

Welcome to another edition of THIS WEEK IN MUSIC! (Insert thunderous applause and screams.) In this edition this is another video overload. I’ll have more of these in the future. Check out my first video overload in #TWIMV4. As always be sure to click the links, which I have bolded for convenience. Thanks in advance. Let’s get to it.

Before I get into the reviews be sure to check out my posts from this week:

Now on to the videos. As I mentioned already there’s been a lot of videos released this week and although it’d be great for me to review THEM ALL, I’ll highlight some as well as include some new music at the end.

2 Chainz channels Michael Jackson’s, ‘Thriller’ (yes, you read correctly) in his new video for ‘Freebase’ off his latest project, Freebase-EP. He did give a disclaimer in the beginning of the video.

“This video is for entertainment purposes only and dedicated to one of my favorite artists. In no kind of way is it our intent to disrespect the legacy of the greatest entertainer of all time.”


The video stays true the concept of ‘Thriller’ and I get why he would go with a concept as such being as what freebase can do to people. Despite that, nothing else in the video added up. I mean it wasn’t a horrible video, but it only semi-made sense when it got to freebase. Great visual if you take out the rapping. I couldn’t stop laughing. Points to 2 Chainz for experimenting, but the video was off lyrically. Check it out below:

2 Chainz isn’t the only one experimenting with the visuals. Future took it to another level with his video, ‘Coupe’. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and watched it anyway not expecting much from it. Glad my bar wasn’t set high. This video is boring, the song is boring, and Future could and has done better. If interested, check it out below:

Common has released the visual for his Big Sean assisted track, ‘Diamonds’ from his latest album Nobody’s Smiling. The video is really nothing special as their silhouettes are merging over skylines in a black and white setting. I do like the song though. Common has announced his departure from G.O.O.D. Music as well. Take a look at the video below:

Daley has released a cliche video for his single ‘Look Up’ off his debut album, Days & Nights. He goes through the whole whirlwind of being on tour, how it’s a dream come true, the love from fans, etc. There’s nothing really exciting about it, but his voice is so amazing. Check it out below:

Until next time…



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