Maroon 5, V, Artwork + Tracklist

BtFvrboCQAAtsCJMaroon 5 is gearing up to release their 5th studio album, V, in September and the artwork and track listing has been revealed. The album features a track with Gwen Stefani which was written by Sia titled, ‘My Heart Is Open’. There are three bonus tracks as well. ‘ShootLove’ is Adam’s track from the movie, “Begin Again.” Check out the track listing below:

1. “Maps”
2. “Animals”
3. “It Was Always You”
4. “Unkiss Me”
5. “Sugar”
6. “Leaving California”
7. “In Your Pocket”
8. “New Love”
9. “Coming Back for You”
10. “Feelings”
11. “My Heart Is Open” ft. Gwen Stefani

1. “ShootLove”
2. “Sex and Candy”
3. “Lost Stars”

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