Album Review: Don’t Kill The Magic

Canadian Reggae band, MAGIC!, are storming up the charts with their hit ‘Rude’ and their album, Don’t Kill The Magic debuted on the Billboard 200 last week. The album has fallen out of the top 10 this week, but MAGIC! has a lot to be proud of as ‘Rude’ has dethroned Iggy Azalea whose ‘Fancy’ track had topped the chart for eight weeks.

The video for the ‘Rude’ was released in December of 2013 and to see all the presence that it has on the radio is amazing. I love the concept and how it sticks to the song. It’s the typical story of the girl that has a boyfriend her father doesn’t approve of. He plans for her to marry someone else but she rebels, elopes with her boyfriend, but yet the father still doesn’t agree.

The album, Don’t Kill the Magic, is available online and in stores.

Let’s backtrack a little on just who this band is before the review. Lead singer and producer, Nasri Atweh,

I have listened to the album numerous times over the past week and I really enjoy it. I wouldn’t say that the album is full reggae, but more so reggae rock. I love the album, but the ballads just don’t do anything for me. For the track to have started with so much umph on ‘Rude’ it ended on such a somber note with the ending track ‘How Do You Want To Be Remembered’. I really wasn’t a huge fan of ‘Let Your Hair Down’ either.

My Top 5 —-

  • ‘Rude’: The song that’s taking over the airwaves right now. I love the track and it’s a great introduction to what the group is made of.
  • ‘No Evil’: Insert the emojis. This wasn’t my favorite at first, but after listening more to the album I absolutely love it. I could definitely hear this on the radio.
  • ‘Stupid Me’: Out of my top 5, this song is by far my favorite. This should really be the next single, but ‘Don’t Kill The Magic’ seems to be. I would love to eventually hear this on the radio or at least see a video for it.
  • ‘Little Girl Big World’: This is a full out rock song that is great.
  • ‘Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool’

Overall I’d recommend buying the album. Overall it’s a great compilation minus the tracks that I just don’t really want. For me not liking two out of eleven tracks that’s not too shabby. I really enjoyed this and I’m glad I gave it a listen.

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