Video Review: John Legend, ‘You and I’

John Legend is back with his latest video for his new single, ‘You and I (Nobody In The World)’. I’m so pleased to watch yet another video with CONCEPT!

The video begins with Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen  getting ready for what seems like a night out with her beau. Throughout the video it switches from women of all ethnicities and ages as they seem to struggle with appearance. Legend’s voice and lyrics stand true to show just how beautiful every woman is regardless of whether she has an illness, injury, deformity, etc. She doesn’t always have to go above and beyond to appear how society thinks she should. Natural beauty is to be admired.

You don’t have to try
Don’t try
Don’t try
You don’t have to try

It was disturbing to read a lot of the comments on YouTube about this video as people were very harsh and judgmental. One person commented there weren’t enough black women represented and many commented on the women who showed her breast which were clearly cut off. This is why people, not just women hide. This is why people mask their pain which in turn can lead to suicide. It’s a shame that people are so cruel. I know that they justify their comments by having a right to their own opinion and freedom of speech, but the insensitivity is out of this world with what people write and say.

Beautiful video by John Legend. You can find this track on Legend’s latest album, Love In The Future

Check out the video below:

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