HBO Presents…. On The Run


I recently blogged about Beyoncé and Jay Z heading to HBO, this time as a duo to showcase their latest feat and biggest collaboration to date, The ‘On The Run’ Tour. The show just finished up in Jersey at MetLife Stadium (7.11/7.12) and is heading West. The show finishes in the states August 6th and the HBO special will be filmed during their two day stint (9.12/9.13) in Paris at State de France. This is their only international stop on the tour.

In the 25 second teaser, it quickly shows the emotion of the tour. Quick clip of the couple holding hands. Flash Beyonce, flash Jay Z, flash On the Run. There you have it. It’s coming in September. No official air date just yet.

Check the trailer below:

2 thoughts on “HBO Presents…. On The Run

  1. Love them! The tour was so Dope! You should check me out! is THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET IT ALL : FASHION,MUSIC,GOSSIP AND MORE!

    1. I heard the tour was amazing. I can’t wait to see what HBO does with the footage.

      Love the layout of your blog. I followed! Follow back please.

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