EP Review: Royalty – The Prequel


I blogged yesterday (7.6) about The-Dream releasing an EP and as promised the EP became available 7.7.7. At 7pm he dropped the EP via contra-paris.com. I’ve decided to do a review on this EP because it sounds great. Let’s get into it:

  • ‘Duet’: I like this beat more than anything. It’s typical lyrically as far as the girl not saying what she really wants. In other words, playing hard to get. This could be on the radio for sure. Make that body ‘duet’. Very clever play on the words right there. 
  • ‘Culture’: Drastic change in beat from the previous to this one. This has a Frank Ocean / The Weeknd vibe, more so The Weeknd. It’s something I’d expect to see a slow-mo video to playing out word for word what he’s saying.
  • ‘Pimp C Lives‘: Sippin on that, like Pimp C still alive. The beat picks up with this one and The-Dream is ‘rapping’ (or talking) rather than singing. Thank her gramma for the grammar. Love the vibe of this one.
  • ‘Outkast’: The beat sounds like something I’d hear on BET late night back in the day or on Vh1 soul as they segue between videos. Unlike the Pimp C track this one is way more mellow.  I’m just looking for the moment that real love shit. That feeling that I felt when that first Outkast hit. Between their tributes to Hip Hop greats, I do like the Pimp C track better.
  • ‘Wedding Bells’:  This money could disappear like magic. Two down, I’m working on this hat trick. That sounds like he’s referencing his two failed marriages and this is like the most personal song lyrically on the track figuratively and literally. Moral of the story he and his mate aren’t meant for each other so the people say. He loves her and only her while she seems to be focused on more than just him. Then he goes fine, let’s have a wedding just to have it rather than for the reasons of really having one. Nice one.
  • ‘Lake Michigan’: Drowning in this beautiful, but cold idea of love. Lake Michigan. Frozen in this cold idea of love. This song lyrically is just beautiful and isn’t one to explain through words. You just need to take a listen. Beautiful.
  • ‘Cold’: GREAT way to end the EP. I absolutely LOVE this track and The-Dream sure knows how to play on words. He talks about his love interest playing with his emotions and talks about her bumping ‘ear fuckers’ such as: Frank Ocean, Drake, The Weeknd, Miguel, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Usher. I mean he’s right. I just love the beat and his play of words. She said I’m not her favorite no more.

Listening to this EP, I feel like I’m listening to The-Dream for the first time with his album, Lovehate. The tracks go back and forth from mellow to turnt/semi-turnt. I love the vibe of it I can’t wait to bump this in my car and ride out.Out of the 7 my favorite would have to be ‘Cold’; my top 3 are in bold.  ‘Cold’ could make major moves on the airwaves with the right push. This is definitely being added to my July Favs!

Download the EP here and take a listen below (via Soundcloud):



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