Jennifer Hudson Titles New Album, JHUD

I’ve reviewed two of Jennifer Hudson’s tracks off her upcoming album, ‘I Can’t Describe’ and ‘Walk It Out’. Out of the two ‘Walk It Out’ is definitely my favorite. Well, in addition to debuting her latest collab, ‘It’s Your World’ featuring R. Kelly, she’s released the title of her upcoming album along with an album sampler (via SoundCloud).

It gets no simpler than naming the album JHUD which is what I’ve been referring to her for quite some time. There is no official release date just yet, but has an expected date of sometime in August. She discussed the album’s vibe as having a 70s vibe.

“It’s different expressions of me as an artist, a girl, a music love.”

As for her latest collab with R. Kelly I will say that I like it compared to what else I’ve heard in the sampler. Her voice is amazing, without a doubt. I can’t judge how I like the project so far because I like to base my thoughts on a complete project instead of snippets because snippets can be deceiving. Take a listen to the sampler below:

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