Original v. Cover [V.6]: Anita Baker, ‘Caught Up In a Rapture’

I can’t believe I’m just about to do a ‘Original v. Cover’ on Anita Bakers, ‘Caught Up In a Rapture.’ When I initially started this series this should have been one of the first songs I compared since I heard that immaculate JoJo rendition back in February. Anita Baker is by far one of my favorite singers of all time and ‘Caught Up in a Rapture’ is one of my favorites of hers along with ‘Sweet Love’. Her album Rapture in general is amazing from beginning to end.

I discussed my take on JoJo’s mini-EP, #LoveJo, on Valentine’s Day. Click here for my review. What really stood out to me was her rendition of ‘Caught Up In a Rapture’ which is one of the best I’ve ever heard. I love how she modernized it along with her rifts at the end. She might not have the biggest buzz right now, but there’s no denying her vocal ability. Absolutely love this rendition. Be sure to check out her SoundCloud, JoJoOfficial .

It does not stray away from the original it just gives it another vibe. Most covers of songs are done to match the artist which turns into a battle that will never be won. The original is the original and it’s rare that the original loses to a  cover. There are a lot of great covers done my signed and unsigned artist. I just think that straying away from the traditional karaoke cover adds an additional element to the track and the right vocals just makes it perfection. JoJo take is there vocally from 3:35 on. It’s 6:25 of amazing vocals. Check out the original & cover below:

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