Video Review: Coldplay, ‘Sky Full of Stars’

Words cannot express how much I love this song. Coldplay is getting a lot of flack about this track as far as the sound being too Pop/EDM, they’ve lost their touch, it’s not real Coldplay, etc. I mean artists have the right to experiment. I say this time and time again in any review that I do simply because it’s true. As a fan of many artists i don’t necessarily love everything about their music that the artists will put out.

I absolutely love ‘Sky Full of Stars‘ because it’s simply beautiful. The lyrics are straight to the point and the beat does have that whole EDM vibe to it, but it works with the lyrics not to mention it’s radio friendly.

The video is not ‘new’, I meant to post the review last week, but better late than never. The video features the group, more so Chris Martin walking around town with a musical contraption on his back consisting of a drum and a guitar.


His bandmates meet up with him in an alley as they play music and then Chris proceeds to walk through fans who are taking videos and gets to this stage by the end of the video with the rest of his bandmates. You could hear the actual audio in certain spots, but for majority of the video it’s them singing to the studio version. It would’ve been really cool if the video was like a full out live walking performance with those contraptions on their backs. That would’ve been really dope. Check it out below:


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