Original v. Cover [V.5]: Whitney Houston, ‘How Will I Know’

It’s very hard to do a rendition of a Whitney Houston song and just about everyone in the business attempts to put their twist on one of her many illustrious hits.Newcomer, Sam Smith, has been added to that list as he covered ‘How Will I Know’ for SiriusXM.

Unlike other renditions. Sam slows it down and turns the upbeat track into a ballad. Before going into the cover, here’s the original:

‘How Will I know’ makes it happy to want to find love. It’s questioning the feelings you have with happiness. The Sam Smith rendition does not feature ‘he’/’she’, but instead ‘you’. Slowing the song down added a completely different emotion to it. It shows that love is not always butterflies and rainbows.

It can be deep rooted enough to make your decision break you down and make you question every single thing. I love his voice, how he took his time with each word, and how the music did not over power his vocals. Absolutely LOVE this rendition and it’s a great twist to the original. Most people try to cover Whitney verbatim, but I appreciate this rendition. Check it out below:

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