Video Review: Michelle Williams, ‘Say Yes’

michelle-journey-to-freedomI just want to start off by saying that I LOVE this track. The vibe, the message, everything. Michelle Williams has teamed up with her fellow DC besties,Beyoncé and Kelly, and has released the track ‘Say Yes’. Now aside from Beyoncé and Kelly sticking to R&B, Michelle went in a different direction once the group initially disband and did Gospel. She’s done one R&B album our of the three she’s done as a solo artist, but I think Gospel really suits her vocally and personally. She’s in her element.

The track ‘Say Yes’ is an upbeat track that makes it hard NOT to dance. She didn’t really need assistance on this one, to be honest, but it’s great when she, Beyoncé, and Kelly, team up. The other collabs that they’ve done weren’t great. Yes, they were ballads, but maybe this is what they needed. This upbeat track is so infectious and it’s in my head.

The video takes place in an urban yet clean cut setting. Different spots feature all three ladies separately singing their notes and at the end they’re putting on an impromptu show in a house party type setting. I absolutely loved it. All three ladies look stunning and extremely happy. Aside from the happiness of the lyrics in the song they just look like they were having a ball making this. Michelle’s new album, Journey to Freedom, his stores/online September 9th. Check out the video below:

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