Video Review: J. Hud, ‘Walk It Out’

I first reviewed this track back in April and I RAVED about how much I loved it. Jennifer Hudson found the perfect formula with Timbaland on this track and I was excited when I saw a video posted for this. Despite my excitement and after watching the video, it could’ve been better. I know I can be critical and cynical on videos, but a video can MAKE or BREAK a song. In most cases now there aren’t really video concepts. It’s just girls dancing around on either a yacht or in a strip club (mostly). I just like videos with some type of concept. Not every song needs to be in a club setting. Not every song is a dance song. Concepts have been diminished to the point where a video for a ballad has to center around the club; I digress.

As for this J. Hud video, I absolutely love her with the short cut. From the instant set up of the video plus photos I saw I could see there was a concept for this which means thought was actually put into the making of this video. The short hair with the leggings, crop top, high top spray painted embellished sneakers were PERFECTION. It’s clear that this was more of a modernized 90svibe and I like it. Shout out to her fiancé, David Otunga, for being in like the first minute or so (just in passing), although he was not her love interest.


The video goes on with this guy trying to get with her and she brushes him off the first time on the street before she goes into the hair salon. The second time was as she walked past interrupting a basketball game he was playing as he stopped to pursue her yet again. Lastly, it was late and he pulled up in a BEAUTIFUL drop top Benz and finally she gave in after he passed her the key to drive. Mainly for me, I wasn’t a fan of the choreo. It was too cheesy and the hair salon scene didn’t really have a scene it was just her dancing inside the hair salon. the basketball court scene included her with two other girls, but the dancing was bleh. Like J. Hud was doing her moves and I know she’s the star, but the girls in the back could’ve dance more. Overall the video didn’t suck. The concept was there. I just wish she had better choreo and better extras dancing with her. Other than that, I can still bump this.

Check out the video below:

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