This Week In Music (V.11): 4 for 4 Review

Another week has come and gone and it’s time for the weekly recap. Be sure to check out my posts for this week.

Let’s get into Chart news. Iggy is still atop of the Hot 100 with ‘Fancy’ and ‘Problem’ and has taken to the cover of Billboard. Mariah Carey’s, Me.I Am… The Elusive Chanteuse, has debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 58,000 copies sold. It hit #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart making it her 7th album to do so. Coldplay remains in the top spot with their latest, Ghost Stories. 

Moving on to videos this week. There wasn’t nearly as much music as there was last week and last week I didn’t even touch on every single song released. I did not mention that Nicole Scherzinger has a new track titled, ‘Your Love’ and Jagged Edge is making their way back to the scene with a ballad ‘Hope’. Both songs aren’t my favorite, but I’m always interested in a musical comeback from any artist that once peaked. Check out both tracks below:

For this week there’s two videos that caught my eye. First off was Tyga’s ‘Hookah’ featuring the annoying auto-tune rapper, Young Thug. I just get SO TIRED of hearing certain stuff on the radio. The beat can easily lure me in, but Young Thug’s voice is BEYOND annoying and I just can’t take it. The video switched between a safari and club theme. Typical Tyga video. All his music is for the strip club.Check out the video below:

Another video released this week was One Republic’s, ‘Love Runs Out’. I like the song and I’m interested in hearing more from them. The video is set in a dessert and it’s the band performing basically with horses in certain scenes.I really miss videos with story lines. Anywho, check it out below:

No new music really caught my eye this week. Hopefully there will be more to come in following weeks especially with Summertime right around the corner. Let the battle for Song of the Summer begin!

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