NEW MUSIC — MJB x Trey Songz x Ameriie

There’s been a lot of releases the past couple days that I’ve decided to just put them all in one post of yet another track overload. Let’s get to it.

First up, Mary J. Blige. She recently released a track titled ‘Suitcase’ and she’s back with a cover of Shalamar’s ‘A Night to Remember’ for the Think Like a Man Too soundtrack. I like the vibe of it, but it doesn’t compare to that of the original. I do like this though and I can’t wait to hear what else is on the soundtrack. Last soundtrack I fell in love with John Legend’s, ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had)’. Check out Mary J.’s rendition below:

On top of that Mary released another track off the soundtrack titled ‘Moment of Love’ and I LOVE IT! I’d rather hear this from Mary than the typical heartbreak music. I love the vibe of this and this also trumps her cover of ‘A Night to Remember’. The soundtrack drops June 17th and is set to feature 14 Mary J. songs. Is this considered a NEW Mary J. album?  I really can’t wait to hear the soundtrack in its entirety.

Trey Songz is gearing up for to release his sixth studio album, Trigga, July 1st. Yup, lest than a month already. He’s back with a track titled ‘What’s Best for You’ and this is the Trey Songz I LOVE! I’m not really a fan of Trigga, I prefer Trey. I don’t need the strip club songs and songs that aren’t up to par lyrically. I love the vibe of this and reminds me a lot of Trey Day. Trey’s released a mix of material lately, I’m just interested in hearing what the total package sounds like. Take a listen below:

Amerie is back, but not as Amerie. AMERIIE is her new stage name and I’m not sure why the extra ‘I’ was added. Her comeback track, ‘What I Want’, is NOT what I want. I don’t like it whatsoever. The beat samples Sugar Hill Gang’s ‘Apache (Jump On It), but I just can’t get with this track. I don’t like how it sounds, lyrically it’s bleh and vocally Amerie is so much better. I guess she could’ve been going along the lines of trying to recreate ‘One Thing’, but this just isn’t it. It’s hard to come back in this industry. This just is NOT the comeback track for Ameriie. Again, still not sure what’s up with the extra ‘I’. Check out the track below:



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