2014 BET Awards Nominees + My Picks

It’s been a few days since this has been announced, but as always I want to give my predictions so let’s get into the 2014 BET Awards Nominees.

The 14th annual show will air will air Sunday, June 29th, at 8/7c and will be hosted by Chris Rock. Yup, yet another comedian as a host. Let’s discuss the nominees in the bigger categories of the night: Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Female Hip Hop Artist, Best Male R&B Pop Artist, Best Male Hip Hop Artist, Best New Artist, Video of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award. Out of the 20 categories these eight hold the most weight.

Best Female R&B/Pop Artist Nominees:

  • Beyoncé
  • Janelle Monáe
  • Jhené Aiko
  • K. Michelle
  • Rihanna
  • Tamar Braxton

Now I love all the nominees, but when it comes down to who will win it comes down to Beyonce and Rihanna. Not to disrespect the work of the other four ladies, but when it comes to charts, sales, tours, etc. Beyonce and Rihanna go neck and neck. Based off 2013 Rihanna was on her “Diamonds World Tour” and riding high off her deal with Mac and her album Unapologetic while Beyonce had headlined the Superbowl halftime show in the earlier part of the year followed by the “Mrs. Carter World Tour” then ended the year with a bang as she released her surprise self-titled album. It’s hard and as much as I love both artists I’m gonna have to go with Beyoncé on this one. She’s a fan favorite, but I won’t be mad if Rih goes home with the award. I mean she did beat Beyoncé last year, but Beyoncé sure did have one hell of a year. Or it could go to four of the other ladies and cause an uproar on Twitter from the #BeyHive & #RihannaNavy.

Best Female Hip Hop Artist Nominees:

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Eve
  • Angel Haze
  • Charli Baltimore

This is the category that gives me the most giggles. And the winner is… NICKI MINAJ! Come on, seriously. The only other rapper in this category that is relevant right now is Iggy Azalea. As much as I’d like for her to win her buzz is just coming now. She did not have much of buzz in 2013. Nicki on the other hand . Eve? Well she did release an album (Lip Lock) although there was no buzz around it. Angel Haze has been doing a remix to just about everything. Charli Baltimore? I had no clue she was still putting music out. Nicki Minaj wins this. Her acceptance speech should be interesting.

Best Male R&B Pop Artist Nominees:

  • August Alsina
  • Chris Brown
  • John Legend
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Pharrell Williams

When initially scrolling through the list of nominees I was unsure of who would win until I saw Pharrell at the bottom of the list. Well there you have it, your winner. It’s been a tremendous year thus far for Pharrell as he’s picked up a couple Grammy’s, stormed through the charts with his Oscar-nominated track ‘Happy’, and released his sophomore album G I R L. It’s pretty much a given of who would win this one and it’s well deserved.

Best Male Hip Hop Artist Nominees:

  • Drake
  • Future
  • J. Cole
  • Jay Z
  • Kendrick Lamar

Well unlike the Best Female Hip Hop Artist category this one actually has some competition. Now for the process of elimination it comes down to Drake v. Jay Z v. Kendrick Lamar. My pick? Kendrick Lamar. He didn’t win big at the Grammy’s so this is the next thing for him. It will be well deserved for the lyricist that he is. Jay Z could easily win this due to the roar he’s had in the past year from his album to his concerts to the news of his upcoming duet tour with Mrs. Carter.

Best New Artist Nominees:

  • Ariana Grande
  • August Alsina
  • Mack Wilds
  • Rich Homie Quan
  • Schoolboy Q

This is an interesting category. Ariana Grande is the only female in this category. It’s up in the air for me of who would win this one. Schoolboy Q could take it. Maybe Mack. I doubt Ariana would win this one or Rich Homie Quan. It’s really a toss up on this one. I think Schoolboy Q just might take it though.

Video of the Year Nominees:

  • Beyoncé f/ Jay Z: ‘Drunk In Love’
  • Pharrell Williams: ‘Happy’
  • Chris Brown: ‘Fine China’
  • Drake: ‘Worst Behavior’
  • Beyoncé: ‘Partition’

So it comes down to friends squaring off on this one. The Carters v. Pharrell. I think that this one should go to Pharrell because his video was QUITE the spectacular and went more viral than Beyoncé’s surprise album. ‘Happy’ has become a global phenomenon one that Beyoncé is familiar with as she experienced that with the success of ‘Single Ladies’.  I would love to see ‘Pharrell’ get this one for sure. The only other video I could see beating that would be ‘Drunk In Love’. My pick still goes for Pharrell. Like how can you beat the worlds FIRST 24 hour video?!

Best Collaboration Nominees:

  • August Alsina f/ Trinidad James: ‘I Luv This’
  • Beyoncé f/ Jay Z: ‘Drunk In Love’
  • Drake f/ Majid Jordan: ‘Hold On (We’re Going Home)’
  • Jay Z f/ Justin Timberlake: ‘Holy Grail’
  • Robin Thicke f/ T.I. & Pharrell Williams: ‘Blurred Lines’
  • YG f/ Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan: ‘My Hitta’

Ok process of elimination time. Let’s remove August Alsina & YG. That leaves Beyoncé, Drake, Jay Z, and Robin Thicke. So technically Jay Z has two nominations so the odds are in his favor. I don’t really consider Drake’s track a collaboration. That song is really ALL DRAKE. When it comes to BEST collaboration, I would have to give it to ‘Blurred Lines’. ‘Blurred Lines’ has not gotten the recognition it DESERVES from any award show. The song was THE SONG of Summer 2013. Out of all the tracks in this category none were played as much as ‘Blurred Lines’. Not to say the other ones didn’t have successful radio play, but ‘Blurred Lines’ is the only one that I heard simultaneously on 3-4 radio stations. Do I really think this track will win? Probably not. It’s all a POPULARITY show, but I think this track is the BEST collaboration and most successful of the nominees.

Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award Nominees:

  • Jhené Aiko: ‘The Worst’
  • August Alsina f/ Trinidad James: ‘I Luv This’
  • Beyoncé f/ Jay Z: ‘Drunk In Love’
  • Drake: ‘Worst Behavior’
  • Pharrell Williams: ‘Happy’

This is the category that the fans get to vote on. Click here to do so. My vote is going to Pharrell. I’ve already expressed my feelings on him winning so I won’t go any further. I could see Drake winning OR Beyoncé of course. I think it’ll come down to one of those three. My pick goes to Pharrell though. 

Click here for the FULL list of nominees. The 2014 BET Awards airs LIVE on BET June 29th!

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