Fashion Forward Friday [V.11]: Paul Fredrick Summer 2014 Collection

3038074011._V380808986_SX300_I was pleased and surprised to see that I was contacted by Content Coordinator, Valerie Williams, from Paul Fredrick and asked to write about their 2014 Summer collection. I’ve never featured on men’s clothing on this blog before and I figured this would be a great opportunity and a great piece for Fashion Forward Friday segment. I will be discussing primarily the Summer collection, giving my styling tips, and giving details on the site as a whole. So, let’s get right to it.

“Smart Style for Professional Men.”

The slogan that says it all in five words and it could not be more right. Paul Fredrick was founded 25 years ago with a specialization in dress shirts and has expanded to a full out wardrobe of shoes, suits, ties, and more. The company abides by quality, style, size, price, and guarantee to please customers with every purchase along with a free exchange if need be.

When I initially went to the site to look at the collection, the first thing that caught my eye was the wide range in size that is offered. It’s very hard as a female to find quality pieces in my size and I know that is no different for a man. Having a signature suit is a staple in any wardrobe and this company offers a variety and stays true to the motto of valuing size with the clothing ranging from trim fit to 4XL tall.

The Summer 2014 collection features a wide range of items the speciality of the collection being pastel colored shirts with paisley print ties.Another great feature about the collection is that if you are unsure to match it with they have a matching tie option as well as option to add a monogram. It gets even better with a 2014 Summer Style Guide sectioned off in business attire and business casual.

Photo Credit: Paul Fredrick
Photo Credit: Paul Fredrick

The site does a great job at putting looks together so instead of putting my own looks together I’ve decided to share my favorite pieces from the collection that are not just Summer geared, but great additions to any mans wardrobe and are transitional pieces.

Stripe Woven Silk Tie; $62.50 Palm Tree Woven Silk Tie; $62.50 Pima Cotton V-Neck Sweater - White; $59.50, 2/$99 2-Ply Cotton Pinpoint Straight Collar Dress Shirt; $64.50 100% Microfiber Solid Flat Front Pants - Black; $89.50, 2/$149 Cotton Chino Pleated Pants; $89.50
Stripe Woven Silk Tie; $62.50
Palm Tree Woven Silk Tie; $62.50
Pima Cotton V-Neck Sweater – White; $59.50, 2/$99
2-Ply Cotton Pinpoint Straight Collar Dress Shirt; $64.50
100% Microfiber Solid Flat Front Pants – Black; $89.50, 2/$149
Cotton Chino Pleated Pants; $89.50

When looking at the site it might seem as if the clothing is geared towards older men more so in their 40s-50s, but I beg to differ. The pieces that I picked out are a great addition to a 20+ year olds wardrobe and great for getting signature pieces that will not only last, but work inside and outside of an office setting.

My favorite piece from the entire collection is the ‘Pima Cotton V-Neck Sweater‘. I chose the white out of my favorites but the other five colors offered are amazing as well. It’s a great piece that will transition from those chilly summer nights and work well through fall, winter, and spring. They are $59.50 each or two for $99 and to get the most wear I would suggest the blue and white.

I also love the ‘Solid Silk Satin Ties‘. There are so many colors to choose from, 13 to be exact, and if you’re not one for stripes, polkadots, or paisley this style of tie will give you a great pop of color yet still be subtle.

Prices do vary on the site depending on item of purchase, but there are deals where you get a lot of bang for your buck. There are deals where you can get shirts three for $169 or three for $109 (‘Pinpoint Oxford’). There are deals like these for pants, ties, and other options as well. The pricing is fair based off what you’re buying. The prices increase based on the items.

This is great brand for a woman looking for a Father’s Day or birthday present for that special man in her life. You can easily put a look together that will be long lasting and customize it to your liking without breaking the bank. In case you’re still wondering where to start, here’s my top 3 things that every man needs:

  1. Pants Suit – This will allow endless options from adding a variety color of shirts to having fun with ties. There are plenty of other options in a suit, but as a woman has a little black dress as a staple, a black suit is a staple for a man. It does not have to be a three-piece (jacket/vest/pants), but when buying the three-piece the vest just becomes an extra option.
  2. Black/White/Grey Button Up – Again this is a basic as you can get. A man can never have enough white button-ups as they get old and can stain with ease. It’s easy to throw in a pop of color as well so in that case I’d say a cobalt blue/navy or a pinstripe to be worn with plain slacks.
  3. Dress Shoes – If you haven’t caught on I feel that black is a staple in any and everyones wardrobe although adding pops of color is not only trendy, but a great addition as to adding variety to a wardrobe. A classic pair of dress shoes will take any outfit, business or casual, and give it sophistication.I recommend a loafer because you can make it business or casual.

I would like to again thank Valerie Williams for asking me to write about this summer collection. I hope you all enjoyed my selections along with my tips. Overall I think this site is great due to all the options you have to choose from. It can be overwhelming, but take your time and you should find something to your liking.

For more details on anything mentioned be sure to checkout the official Paul Fredrick site.


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