Sunday Rant (V.10): My Mother’s Love

PicMonkey CollageNo quote can help explain the love that my mother had for her 5 children. One song puts it all into words. When she was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in August 2005 it was a shock to my entire family. How is that a woman who never smoked could get such a debilitating disease. The doctors gave her six months to live, but she fought the time clock for 3 years before passing October 14, 2008. I was a day shy of 17 years old and in my Senior year of high school. From that point on I made it a mission to educate myself and others about lung cancer. I majored in English Communications-Broadcast Journalism in college and every chance I got to choose a personal topic I chose Lung Cancer. My capstone project took my passion for educating people about the disease as I created a video, “Blindsided: The Misconception of Lung Cancer”.

I look back at the video and look at all the clips I could/should have used and I just know that this will forever be a work in progress. What has started out as a final project for me to graduate has turned into a long term project I want to make a full length documentary. One day I will finish. In the meantime I continue to educate with what I know and research.

During my mother’s battle she always played Sade’s, ‘By Your Side’, and on the days that I’m feeling low and missing her presence I play that song. It doesn’t completely fill the void, but it’s the song that she dedicate to my siblings and I and it’s one song that always resonates in helping to pick me up.

Although my mother is not physically here I have been blessed to have my grandmother pick up where she left off. She’s been my #1 supporter through every thing and brags about all my accomplishments to whoever she can. Although I might feel small and I might not have went to the prestigious college/university my grandmother always notes that I have done something a lot haven’t. She lets me know to have continuous faith and to look at all that I have accomplished past the setbacks and devastations in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to my angel and my living inspiration. No words can ever explain how I much I love these two and how thankful and grateful I am for all the sacrifices they have made. I love you mom & grandma.

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