Video Review: Trey Songz, ‘SmartPhones’

When I heard the snippet of this I must say that I was happy a ballad was being released because I really wasn’t a fan of ‘Na Na’. In this track/video he goes on a journey of cheating on his girlfriend, but to make matters worse he accidentally called her on his iPhone hence the title being ‘smartphones’. He discussed the concept of the track in an interview with Mashable:

“These phones are so smart in all that they do, that it’s like they’re an extension of our brain, but what they can’t do is always prevent human error and human nature,” Trey told. The mistakes that we as humans make, the relationships that we make and we break, no amount of technology can save.”

The video was released via a mobile app that let fans into Trey’s phone by typing in the passcode 7114.


“Giving them a glimpse into my phone was me giving a further extension of myself to them.”When I release music, I give my fans more than a song or an album. I give them my life piece by piece, emotion after emotion.”

The video section leads to actual videos from Trey’s phone and “The Angel Network” section takes you directly to the site. Photos include the artwork of Trigga as well as personal photos of Trey. Fans can save their own phone numbers under Contacts. Trey is very interactive with the ladies so who knows he just might call.

Now on to the review —

The first half of the video is that of him cheating and then he’s rushing home in the car to get to his girlfriend. His girlfriend on the other hand is crying out of her mind as any female would that’s caught her boyfriend cheating. Instead of burning his clothes like Angela Basset from Waiting to Exhale she takes a box of memories and throws them in the pool then submerges herself under the water. It’s clear what was going to happen had Trey not pulled her out of the water. It ends with them fighting and him trying to console her and he finally succeeds as she lays numb in his arms and the video ends.

The Trey Songz formula is that of either he’s sexing a female or cheating on her. I mean he does have a few ballads, but the latter are what most of his albums consist of. Passion, Pain, and Pleasure really laid out the 3 sides of music he releases. It might be a little cliche at this point, but there’s no denying that this man can sing.His sixth studio album, Trigga, is expected to hit stores July 1st.

Quick note, I really like how Trey’s latest videos have been in black and white. A couple of his other videos were the same way. Great cinematic approach. Check out the video ‘Smartphones’ below:

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