Imagine Dragons, ‘Radioactive’, Bows Out of Hot 100

As previously reported, Imagine Dragons, had set a record with their debut track, ‘Radioactive’. It surpassed Jason Mraz’s record for ‘I’m Your’s'(76 weeks) as it went into its 77th week on the chart at the end of February. 10 weeks later it bows out of the Hot 100 spot having spent 87 weeks on the chart. That is the longest feat in the charts 55 year history.

The song debuted on August 8, 2012 at #93 and has bowed out at #49 for the week of May 10th. For the week of May 17th the song would have ranked #50, but here’s why it did not make the cut:

“Descending songs older than 20 weeks are removed once falling below No. 50; as the song would’ve ranked below No. 50 on the current Hot 100, dated May 17th, it instead departs the tally.

(via Billboard)

Lead singer, Dan Reynolds stated:

“It helps that the song blurs genre lines. It crept its way into more and more radio formats and kept sneaking up on people. That slow growth meant more time on the charts.”

If you haven’t listened to their debut album, Night Visions, in its entirety I suggest you do and be sure to check out MY TOP 5 here.

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