Video Review: Usher, ‘Good Kisser’

I must admit that I wasn’t an automatic fan after hearing the song in its entirety for the first time. This is a good sound for Usher though to transition back to the airwaves being that it can target different markets. My favorite thing about the approach of this record is that it stays true to that R&B sound and it’s a smooth track. I’m glad this isn’t a pop like song as I want to hear Usher making quality music as this point in his career.

As for the video I like the simplicity of it. Nothing overdone, all black & white (minus the lipstick colors), but I like the concept. For a song like this the video focus on just what the main focus is, lips. As a fan I’m very pleased with this and I’m interested in seeing what’s next. Nice comeback to music for Usher.

Check out the video below:

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