Spicy Saturday (V.11) — Office Organization (Pt.2)

In Pt.1 of my Office Organization, I showed a semi-DIY of how I store extra office supplies for roughly under $10. In this edition I wanted to show how I repurposed a few pieces inexpensive pieces.


First up were these two night stands that I got from K-Mart a year ago. In my old room they fit perfectly on either side of my bed, but with the way my bed is positioned in my new room I have no need for them. I didn’t want to throw or give them away being that I was looking for extra office storage so I decided to repurpose them. It was a no brainer to do. I just sat them on top of each other and used a $1 white bin from target for each shelf. I had initially bought the bins for my “vanity”, but they were too tall so I decided to use them in here.

The first shelf holds my CDs that are still in cases. Surprisingly they all crammed into one container. In back of that container I have a ton of blank CDs in which I put my iTunes purchases on those. Yes, I still use CDs. In front of that container, I just put a picture of my grandfather and I when I was like 10 years old. Also on this shelf I have my washcloth and expo markers that I use for my whiteboard. Right above that shelf I have repurposed a MacCosmetics box and I hold my Expos and cloth for my whiteboard. I stuck it to the wall with Command hooks, my new best friend. The next shelf has yet another container and it holds my two CD cases, perfectly. Covering that container I took another book for a pop of color called, A Separate Cinema. The third shelf I like to call my junk shelf because it holds randoms. It has books I wanted to display, but wanted them displayed somewhere other than my bookcase. In the third white bin, I have a couple books and my Uno and regular playing cards.

IMG_0719-1I wanted to share my new organization for my magazine section. I took a file holder that I wasn’t using and put some magazines in there that were old, but that I wanted to use for future projects.IMG_0715-1

I then took my magazine rack and labeled two sections. The bottom one says ‘File Away’. That’s just filled with papers that I need to put away in their proper place and incoming mail that I get. The second one says ‘Read’ which is pretty self explanatory. It holds all of my new magazine reads. The top shelf has my folder of magazine covers. I was once a magazine HOARDER and in a way I still am, but I decided to downsize on the bulk and just keep my favorite covers. They span from my high school days back in 06,07.

Stay tuned for more on my office!

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