Video Review: Pharrell, ‘Marilyn Monroe’

Pharrell has released the video for his track ‘Marilyn Monroe’ from his album G I R L. Although I did no type of review on Pharrell’s album, it really needs no review. His music is so infectious it’s hard not to like it. You can be sick of ‘Happy’ yet when it comes on you can’t help but jam out and sing along with it.

The whole premise of this track is wanting someone different. Someone that is not of the average and iconic goddess such as Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc which were all mentioned in the hook. He wants a woman of her own kind and in essence it empowers every woman to be comfortable within her own skin and not constantly compare herself to that of what media perceives as beautiful.

My favorite visual was the red white and blue triangle he had going on which to me represented the U.S. and it goes for any country as well. You are beautiful regardless of what color your skin is, the texture of your hair, what you wear, etc. Every woman is beautiful.

Check out the video below:

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