Original v. Cover [V.3]: Beyoncé, ‘XO’

Yet another edition of Original v. Cover and yet another one of Beyonce. As I sated in the volume 2, ‘Drunk In Love’, Beyonce is at the top of artists to cover. I couldn’t pass up the chance to review her track the original of ‘XO’ versus John Mayers cover.

I will also be comparing the live version Beyonce performed at the Brit Awards being that Mayers covered the song live.

First off let’s just talk about how amazing Beyonce is vocally and lyrically. This is one of my favorite songs on the entire album. It was nice to see a celeb cover it.

John Mayer kept it simple with his guitar although vocally he sounded winded in certain areas of the song, but who’s to say how long he had been performing. Here’s his rendition.

I am a sucker for acoustic versions of songs and I love the cover that John Mayer did. He makes raspy sound AMAZING.

When it comes down to a battle of which one is my favorite I’d have to go with the original. I love each version differnetly. I’d listen to Beyonce’s on full blast while I’d let Mayer’s version put me to sleep. Again no cover is what it is without the original. Great listens either way.



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