Spicy Saturday (V.10) — Office Decor

As I organize and downsize in my office I wanted to share the process of creating the space that is the mastermind/workplace of MusicMovingForward. The shelves, the walls, the organization is all apart of my inspiration in creating blog posts. I know it’s called MusicMovingForward and I do way beyond music. The reason I never changed the blog name is because Music involves so many different things and music inspires a lot of the other posts I create. Let’s jump into some of my current office decor. Enjoy!


I have 3 shelves located to the left of my desk with my desk being the first thing you see when you walk into my office. I wanted to show these two shelves because I love to display certain books in my collection. I talked about these in my “Book Collection” post so I won’t go in depth with what they are about. I just love the look of the books and the color that the music books and the subtle color the fashion/beauty books add. If you haven’t read Lauren Conrad’s Style book, you should. It’s an amazing read with great tips. I guess that book is what changed my sense of style. The other shelf that I have just has family photos.

IMG_0702-1This is by far my favorite section in my office. I was thinking of painting the walls, but I really like the plain color and would rather just hang up various things than to paint a wall. My music collage I have been working on for years. Roughly within the past 2 years I have been compiling the pictures onto this board with tape and mod lodge. All the pictures are primarily from magazines and albums. The ones in black & white were printed. I hope to finish it and I will do an update post as I make progress on it. I currently don’t have any pictures to add which is why the project is at a halt. On another shelf I have this frame that says “Music is what feelings sound like.” It was a semi-housewarming gift back in 2011. I recently picked up a new read, Tragedies and Mysteries of Rock & Roll, for only $10 at Barnes & Noble. Love the book and I thought it would fit perfectly there. I plan on moving my hats eventually and decorating the radiator cover. That’s a project for another day.



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