Future [Double Play]

UntitledHonest hits stores this Tuesday (4.22) and I thought it would be fitting to do a Future Double Play. Future has released his collab with Andre 3000 and the video for his track with Kanye West. It wasn’t that hard to pick my favorite of the two being that he collaborated with two of my favorite rappers. There was just one song I was feeling more than the other.

First off the Andre 3000 track. It’s titled, ‘Benz Friendz (WHATCHTOLA)’. Interesting title for a song, very ATL. The vibe of the track is ok, I would’ve preferred a better beat, but as the song played on it grew on me. Not an instant love, but not a bad collab. Lyrically I was expecting more, but the song has really grown on me.

Listen to the track below:

Next up is his collab with Kanye. When I first heard about it I didn’t bother to listen. I don’t know why the visual made me change my mind, I guess I was just curious. I really like the vibe of this song. I had to do a double take in the beginning of the video when the girl was getting her Beyonce baby boy beach scene on. Future had a crisp cardigan on and Kanye kept it basic, but of course he couldn’t talk about winning without mentioning his soon-to-be wife, Kim K. How sweet of him to shout out his soon-to-be sisters as well. Really like this track although I have to listen closely to understand all of what Future was saying while he was rapping. Check out the video below:


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