Accessory Collection & Storage

I love watching videos & reading posts on how people store/display their accessories. It’s actually one of my favorite type of videos to watch on YouTube I love organization/DIY videos and I draw so much inspiration from them. In this post I’ll be sharing my new accessory storage in my new room and next week in a Fashion Forward Friday post I’ll be giving you 5 of my KEY accessories so stay tuned for that. Here’s my layout.


I took a bookcase that I had near my living room that wasn’t getting much use and it fit perfectly between my two windows. I also had my vintage mirror that has been in my family forever and since that couldn’t fit on my dresser I decided it would be a great addition to the bookcase.








On the top I just have a plate with my everyday jewelry. My tree of bangles that was a DIY I did. It’s one of those trees that holds pictures and I decided to take the picture circles off and use the tree for storage. The three bangles to the side I might use elsewhere or donate since I don’t wear them anymore.



The first shelf has my has my bigger earrings. I love having them all on display, but the system makes them fall off all the time. Despite that, I like how it looks on the shelf. Behind there on both sides I have jewelry boxes. In front I have my charm bracelet in its original box that I received as a grad gift from high school.


Shelf #2 has my ‘high-end’ items. The green Gucci box holds a wallet that was gifted to me by my mom. The Gucci sunglasses I purchased at a consignment shop a few years ago. Behind that I have my a JewelMint box that currently holds my rings. I’m int he process of finding a better home for them so that I can see them. In the dish to the left I have my Juicy couture necklace with earring underneath. To the right I have my other watches, that all need batteries.


On the last shelf I have my clutches and wallets. I figured this would be the best place for them and it’s easy for me to pull out one whenever I need it.


As for my necklaces, I have them on the back of my closet door which is how they have been store for the past 2 years. I got the hook for $3 from Family Dollar. I downsized a lot on my necklace collection and this is the downsized result.

I still have a few pieces of jewelry that I haven’t stored yet so stay tuned for a followup post on where I put the rest of my jewelry and my bigger handbags.

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