Album Tracklist: Ed Sheeran, X (Multiply)

I recently reviewed Ed Sheeran’s new song, ‘SING’ and the track list has surfaced. Here it is (via Rap-Upp):

1. “One”
2. “Mess”
3. “Sing”
4. “Don’t”
5. “Nina”
6. “Photo”
7. “Bloodstream”
8. “Tenerife”
9. “Runaway”
10. “The Man”
11. “Thinking Out Loud”
12. “Afire Love”

When asked about the direction of the album Sheeran stated (via Rolling Stone),

I wanted raw, honest songs from the heart. When you hear that Kesha-Pitbull song, you know it’s a hit, but it doesn’t make you want to cry or laugh or sit in a corner for five hours just repeating it.

The album will be released June 23rd and will be available for pre-order on iTunes tomorrow (4.11.14).

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