Single Review: Ed Sheeran, ‘SING’

0bd50241Grammy nominated singer, Ed Sheeran, will be releasing his upcoming album (to be pronounced Multiply) on June 23rd. In preparation for his new album he’s released his first single for the new project titled, SING!

Just to give a quick review of the track, it sounds like something that was meant for Justin Timberlake. It has such a ‘Señorita’ / ‘Like I Love You’ vibe  from the beat to the falsetto. No surprise it has a Justin vibe being that the track was produced by, Pharrell. I instantly guessed it was based off the sound. Lyrically it doesn’t do much for me either. When I found out Sheeran would be releasing more music I thought it would be along the lines of ‘A Team’. I hate comparing artists because in this day in age nothing is really original. I just feel that this isn’t his type of music. This track is like something Justin Timberlake didn’t want. I know it’s hard to keep up with the current sound, I just wish artists would stay true to the sound they started with. It’s fun to experiment, but after hearing this track on the radio just as the falsetto part hit I instantly though of Justin Timberlake. Not counting out the project as a whole. I’ll be waiting for more tracks because I’m curious to see the direction of this.

Take a listen below:

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