‘Wrecking Ball’ Wins Billboard’s Hot 100 March Madness

Miley Cyrus’, ‘Wrecking Ball’, has beat out P!nk’s ‘Just Give Me a Reason in Billboard’s 2014 Hot 100 March Madness. Miley has beat out competition ‘Holy Grail’, ‘Best Song Ever’, ‘Applause’, and ‘Timber.’ When it came down to Miley v. P!nk it was a close call with Miley taking the crown with 51.2% of the votes.

I had chosen P!nk’s, ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ over ‘Wrecking Ball’, but I am not surprised this is the winner. Lyrically this is a beautiful song regardless of the criticism the video received. Honestly it was a bit crazy to me as are most of Miley’s antics, but I got the concept of what she was doing it just wasn’t typical.

Take a listen to my fav Miley Cyrus song, aside from ‘Party In The U.S.A.’ (yes I said it), ‘WRECKING BALL!’

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