This Week In Music (V.1): Beyoncé x Kimye x Chris Brown

I do not get a chance to post every single thing that happens in music during the week from live performances to SCANDAL so I’m starting a new series which I will post Saturdays titled, This Week In Music. It will not always be in chronological order, more so of importance, so bear with me.

Beyoncé performed her last show of the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Lisbon and she broke into tears after thanking the fans for all of their support. Check out the clip below:

As for live performances John Legend took to the stage to perform his hit, ‘All of Me’ on Jimmy Kimmel. While I am a fan of the song I am not a fan of the EDM version played on the airwaves during rush hour. A ballad never needs to be turned to techno. It takes away from the essence of it. Janelle Monae took to the stage of American Idol to perform What Is Love from the Rio 2 soundtrack which hit stores this past Tuesday (3.25). Rio 2 hits theaters April 11th. Check out the performances below:

keyshia-madden1There’s been plenty of new music released, but I’m more interested in the albums.

YG’s debut,, hit #2 on the Billboard 200 and Shakira released her 10th self-titled studio album and is expected to debut on the Billboard 200. Who’s still holding the #1 spot? The Frozen Soundtrack. Stay tuned for my post on the movie in the next week.


I’ve also talked about 3 so far from Bruno Mars, Kesha, and Usher. Well Kesha is now not working with Zedd that was just a rumor, but I’m pretty sure she has a new album in the works. Lil Wayne’s Carter V still has no release date despite Drake saying at a show that it would be May 5th. Not sure what to expect from Weezy anymore, but I’m not excited about this album. Keyshia Cole will be releasing her 6th studio album titled, Point of No Return, and with her current situation she couldn’t have picked a better title. I’m not really feeling any of the music she’s released. I’m not a fan of ‘Rick James’. This will be her final album with Interscope.

kanye-chris-fashionweek2As for celebrity scandal, I haven’t spoke much on the Chris Brown fiasco or Kanye West so here goes my first and only time speaking on both situations. Chris Brown is currently in jail for violating parole. I have heard rumors that he had sexual relations in rehab & was talking about guns which resulted in him getting kicked out. Due to him getting kicked out he was sent to jail until his D.C. case court date in late April. My personal opinion? This is all on Chris Brown.I can’t feel sorry for an almost 25 year old that doesn’t have it together and had the chance of making things right. He’s given chance after chance and he just seems to blow them. I’m so over it. As for Kanye  West I’m over him as well ALTHOUGH he and Kim did look great on that Vogue cover despite what others think. Good luck to him and his 2 year probation and I hope he stays out of trouble. He’s not just living for himself anymore. He has a daughter. So to top it all off it’s ‘RUMORS’ that Kanye wants to call off the marriage between him and Kim because Kim had interactions with Chris Brown. MAJOR SIDE EYE to that foolery of a story. Regardless of whether it’s true or not whatever someone else did in their past before getting in a relationship with you is their business.

Welp that’s it for this edition of This Week In Music. Until next time…

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