Spicy Saturday (V.8) — Dollar Tree |Organizational| Haul

I have been in the midst of MAJOR Spring cleaning & downsizing that my posts haven’t been what they usually are. I have been so busy trying to organize and set up my new office that I haven’t been working on my content. I’m almost done so expect more regular posts starting mid-week.

Today I headed over to Dollar Tree and for weeks I’ve been meaning to go because I’ve been inspired to get organized by YouTubers, Do It On A Dime and OrganizedClutterbug. Here’s what I picked up and was a dollar shy of $20:


I purchased the flowers to add a bit of color to my room. My decor will be along the lines of yellow & lavender which will remain probably into summer. I picked up some more hand soaps got my kitchen & bathroom. I also picked up a few baskets. The ‘fabric’ are for my closet and the plastic white ones are to organize my kitchen pantry. The frames are pretty much self explanatory.

Stay tuned for pics on how I decorated/organized with my new purchases!

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