Album Review: Braveheart

ashanti-braveheart-coverIt was 2008 when Ashanti had last released an album, but she’s back with a new material and new management. Before I even get into my favorites and what I think about the album as a whole let me give a kudos to Ashanti for taking the independent route. It’s not an easy task and due to the fact that she wears as many hats as she does that is clearly the reason behind the constant delays of this project. Despite that, I’m impressed lyrically with this album. Well, here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

The album features 13 tracks and is a great balance of ballads and club songs. My favorites are definitely the ballads. As much as I disliked, ‘I Got It,’ when she first released it simply because I didn’t think it was her best vocally, it has definitely grown on me. That’s primarily due to radio play. She’s been through a lot in 6 years as would any person. With time comes growth, loss, etc. and from that you learn and gain experience. Ashanti shares that through her music. For all those wondering about her on/off relationship with Nelly read between the lines of the lyrics; especially my top 5.

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