Video Review: Iggy Azalea x Charlie XCX, ‘Fancy’

I have been anticipating this video once Iggy leaked that it would have a Clueless theme. First off this is by far my favorite Iggy track thus far and I will be doing an album review once her duet project drops in April. On to the video, I’m very impressed. Iggy has been one to give great visuals and with each video it just gets better and better. Despite what people think of her rapping style of rap plus the debates on whether she is Hip Hop or not her visuals are on point.

At first I was trying to figure out what Clueless had to do with the song, but the song is bragging about how much of a BOSS Iggy is and the standards of her life and Clueless fits that. She reenacted classic scenes from Clueless such as Dionne’s driving lesson. The wardrobe was on POINT as well. Clueless top notch with the fashion and beauty. The choreography wasn’t really needed. Kudos to Iggy on this one. Whether you think that the song related or not, mute the music and peep the visual.


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