Album Review: Days & Nights

daley_daysandnights-300x300I have been impatiently awaiting the debut of Daley since I first discovered his music through a friend. His 2011 mixtape, Those Who Wait, had me wanting more of his music especially with his cover of Maxwell’s Pretty Wings. Check out my mini-review here. After releasing Those Who Wait he followed with his 2012 EP release, Alone Together. Now in 2014 fans are finally getting an official album, Days & Nights which features 12 tracks. On his new album he covers Joan Armatrading, ‘Love & Affection.’

Here are my top 5 (in no particular rode)r:

  • ‘Broken’
  • ‘Pass It On’
  • ‘Look Up’
  • ‘Blame The World’
  • ‘She Fades’

It was interesting to learn that Pharrell produced the track ‘Look Up.’ That just goes to show Pharrell can work with just about anybody regardless of where you’re from or your genre of music.

The beat of the track is why it had to be added to my list. I just love the whole vibe of the album in general. His voice, the smooth beats, it just all woks.The album is what I expected based off his previous work. His voice just gets me every time. There are not many albums that I can sit through and listen to in their entirety, but this is one. I hope that this is the push he gets and that she’s not in the background again. This album, similar to that of his previous work, still features his duet with Marsha Ambrosious, ‘Alone Together.’ This track could have been added mainly for marketing reasons. It’s his most popular track to date and was used as a marketing tool to remember who he was just incase you forgot because here in the states there is never any talk of Daley.

Check out Daley’ Live In Studio session with Billboard of ‘Look Up’ and ‘Love & Affection.’

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