Sunday Rant (V.8): Allen Iverson

20140302-002627.jpgI was never the type of girl to really be into sports of any kind as a child whether I was actually playing or watching. My house was a football house. My mom a Cowboys fan and my grandfather a Jets fan. I on the other hand ended up a Steelers fan. That’s neither here nor there. I started watching basketball due to one player, and I’m not talking Jordan, or at the time I started watching Kobe, or Shaq. The only reason I began watching basketball was because of Allen Iverson, #3 on the Philadelphia 76ers. I was mesmerized by his physical ability, his entire demeanor, his good looks, and the fact that he was from my moms home state of Virginia. Regardless of his issues in and out of the league there’s no denying that he was the greatest at his size. He was going against big dudes being that he was under 6 feet and while he was not the FIRST ‘little man’ in the game, he damn sure was the best.

20140302-001333.jpgHis stats are not to go unnoticed even though he’s never won a ring, BUT  there’s no denying that Allen Iverson was a BALLER! I was upset to see him leave the 76ers and go to the Nuggets, but I still got a Jersey. Then he went to the Pistons and that was like a dream because I loved that team and while that was short lived I was ready for him to retire at his peak instead of being shoves around from team to team. Eventually he did just that. A piece of my childhood was solidified last night (3.1.14) as Allen Iverson’s #3 was retired and raised into the rafters and officially 76er royalty, although he already was.

I may not have understood all his plays then, I may not be able to tell all his rivals, but I do know that Allen Iverson is the reason I got into basketball. He’s the 20140302-001349.jpgreason that at one point I dreamt of being a sports reporter just so I could meet him. I realized that he’d probably be retired by the time I got there, but I would meet him during like an All-Star weekend or something. Hence why I pursued Broadcast Journalism in college. I could go on and on about how obsessed I was, but Allen Iverson will always be someone I’ll never forget. In the meantime, I’ll still hold on to my Jerseys and magazine covers. Regardless of what anyone thinks he’s definitely one of the GOATs and will forever be my favorite basketball player.

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