Lorde’s, Pure Heroine, Hits 1 Million

Lorde+Harpers+BAZAAR+AustraliaApril 2011 marked the first huge benchmark for Adele when her debut album, 19, sold over a million by the end of the April 3rd week. Now three years later Lorde is now added to this elite class by being the first woman to debut and hit the  million mark since Adele with her debut album, Pure Heroine. In addition, she’s the first debut album to hit the mark since Hunter Hayes’ self-titled debut passed the million mark in October 2013.

Aside from her debut record, she becomes the second woman this year to reach a million. Katy Perry’s, PRISM, was the first. In the entire year of 2013 Beyonce’s unexpected self titled album release was the only female album to hit the million mark. As Billboard stated in their article:

 …had Beyonce not released her surprise album, 2013 wouldn’t have had a million-seller by a female artist.

Lorde is still in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 and has not left the chart since her October 19, 2013 debut. Her debut and Grammy award winning single, ‘Royals,’ spent 9 weeks at #1 in 2013 and the second single ‘Team’ remains in the top 10 on the Hot 100. Her new single, ‘Glory & Gove’ has debuted at #88 on the Hot 100. We’ll see where that goes.


6 thoughts on “Lorde’s, Pure Heroine, Hits 1 Million

  1. She’s a real talent. She does remind me of Adele with her youthful intelligence. And it’s so surprise that she’s so lyrically gifted being that her mom is a famous poet. Congrats, Lorde!

    1. She is very talented especially at her age. Not sure if she’ll have a second album quite like Adele’s 21, but it’ll be interesting to see where she goes after this album.

      1. I gotta agree with you there. I miss Adele. There is something about THAT woman. She can truly speak to your soul. I don’t know, Lorde has been seen hanging with Taylor Swift, here’s hoping none of her nonsense rubs off on her lol. Thanks again for a wonderful post as always.

      2. Oh boy lol. I could never imagine Lorde singing about bubble gum, lollipops, and high school breakups. No disrespect to Taylor Swift, I’ve just always wondered about the longevity of her sugar coated music. I think Lorde will be ok. Selena Gomez is BFFs with Taylor and her music hasn’t been affected.

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