INSTA HAUL — Target | Five Below



I received a surprise Target gift card and I headed over there this weekend to get some new supplies for my office/makeup organization. I do not have much makeup and as I plan to make a little beauty section in my new room I wanted to store my makeup. I posted my makeup collection here, and yes for the three little drawers I will have to downsize. The spinning/Lazy Susan type pencil holder was on clearance for under $4 and I plan to use that to store everyday makeup & brushes. On my way out I saw a white board which will be perfect for me to write down and pin new blog ideas and what nots once I get my new office set up. The white board was a regular $19.99 and was marked down twice so I paid around $6 for it.

20140302-112749.jpgNext up I headed over to one of my favorite stores, Five Below which as the name states $5 and below. I picked up a few random things, one of which I considered a necessity. The tape deck thingy was what I needed for my car to hear music for my phone since my old one broke. I also saw one of my favorite movies, Troy, I picked up Wanted as well. The exercise stuff is something I’ve been meaning to get. I’m really excited to use the jumprope within the next month since it will (hopefully) get warmer hear in the tri-state. The stretch cord I can use now and I’m ready to get back into some type of workout regimen since I haven’t been doing much. I also picked up some Expo markers for my white board, but already I’ve misplaced them.

Welp, that’s it for my haul. Nothing much, just a few random things that I’ve wanted to share.

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