Kanye West to Executive Produce Tyga’s New Album

Tyga is back in the studio with Young Money and Chris Brown, but don’t count him out as a solo artists. Aside from Rise of an Empire and Fan of a Fan 2 Tyga is working on his fourth studio album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. 

There have been pics floating around Instagram of Tyga with Kanye and his fiancee Blacc Chyna with Kanye’s bff Kim Kardashian. A few months ago I posted this photo of Tyga & Ye working and in a recent interview with Power 106, Tyga confirmed Kanye’s executively producing his new album,


Kanye executive producing that, so it’s gonna be a crazy album.

I’m interested in hearing the collab between these two. I don’t really need Ye rapping, but his beats are always on point. His beat plus Tyga’s punchline can be great chemistry. No word on when the album will be released just yet.

If 3 albums in the works isn’t enough Tyga is working on a Last Kings EP which is set to feature Honey Cocaine, MC Danny Seth, and Esty. Tyga is going to have a busy year musically and entrepreneurially with his clothing line Last Kings with the store that just recently opened on Melrose.

Power to his movement!


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