Jimmy Fallon Takes on Hip-Hop

In Jimmy Fallon’s welcoming week as new host of ‘The Tonight Show’ saga, he’s been bring out the big guns with guests including: First Lady Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Jerry Seinfield and more.

His first guest Monday was Will Smith and they performed their segment ‘Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.’ which included: the ‘cabbage patch,’ the ‘pop and lock,’ the ‘wop,’ ‘MC Hammer,’ the ‘carlton,’ the ‘twerk,’ and more.

The week just wouldn’t be complete if Fallon didn’t bring out Justin Timberlake and the duo added a 5th installment to their impromptu series, ‘The History of Rap.’

In their medley they performed: DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince ‘Fresh Prince Theme, LL Cool J ‘I’m Bad,’ OutKast’s ‘So Fresh, So Clean,’ Ini Kamoze’s ‘Hot Stepper,’ Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems,’ and MORE!

Here are parts 1-4 of ‘The History of Rap’:

I honesty haven’t been awake to catch any of Fallon’s segments, but I will be recording the show because he has set the bar to a new level of late night funny and I’m interested in seeing how his competition will keep up in ratings.

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