Video Review: Katy Perry x Juicy J, ‘Dark Horse’

Katy Perry unsuccessfully channeled Michael Jackson’s ‘Remember The Time’ in her video for ‘Dark Horse.’ I completely understood the Egyptian theme with a colorful, futuristic take, but there were parts that just didn’t fit. The video opened up with the quote:

Kings travel from around the world to win her heart, but only one will be ‘top dawg.’

There were men of all sorts coming in to impress Queen KP, but none really succeeded. Their gifts weren’t good enough and she turned them into sand. The premise of the video went perfectly with the lyrics.

What threw me off was the turning point in Juicy J’s entrance. It would’ve been better if she turned Juicy J into sand after he tried to impress her or something. Instead it was a dragon, but he was really a man that she turned into a dog. On top of that she had an impromptu strip club theme with her doing a toe touch on the pole before going into a split while Juicy J was rapping.

I wasn’t impressed with the turning point of the video. That just killed the whole vibe for me. The song is such a great song lyrically, but the video did not do it any justice. If the Juicy J scenes would’ve been done differently it would’ve been ok. The video overall could’ve been better and had more though with deeper meaning. The Egyptian theme went with the video, it just didn’t seem thought out. Clearly the stripper pole explains that.

5 thoughts on “Video Review: Katy Perry x Juicy J, ‘Dark Horse’

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