Single Review: Estelle, ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’

Words cannot express how in AWE I am of Estelle’s lyrics on this song; and not in a  good way. Personally I respect an artists creativity and the direction they want with their tracks. This track for me is NOT ESTELLE!

Should I call you daddy. Should I call your name. You could f*ck me again babe, but never the same.

Those lyrics alone are an understatement to how raunchy the song is. I know that Estelle might be taking a new approach with her music, but I am not impressed by this. I’m not used to this side of Estelle.

On top of her explicit lyrics the album artwork released with the song is just as VULGAR!


I think that Estelle is a great artist, I just prefer her ballads more than this. To get past the lyrics and cover art the song isn’t horrible. The beat stood out to me instantly, but this isn’t Estelle. It goes beyond what she’s talking about it boils down to this just not being her. It’s as if this is marketing plan, which it very well could be, to get her airplay on the mainstream, but I don’t see that happening. I’m not really impressed with the direction she’s taking and she’s not even singing. It’s like R&B version of the Ying Yang Twins, ‘Whisper Song.’ There’s really no other way for me to describe it.

The song will be featured on her upcoming EP, How Stella Got Her Groove Back which is the third installment of her Love & Happiness series.

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