Another ‘Drunk In Love’ Remix!

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I am officially TIRED of ‘Drunk In Love.’ The song coming on a dozen times a day doesn’t bother me. The fact that it plays back to back on different stations or at the same time at different parts doesn’t bother me either. What bothers me is that the song is slowly, no the song is being RUINED. Some songs should stay as is. Some songs don’t need a remix. This song in particular needed NO remix.

Beyonce was talking about being drunk in love with her husband who’s already on the track. Yet a remix was made with a Kanye West. The beat wasn’t changed and the song wasn’t altered as far as placement of Beyoncé’s & Jay Z’s verses, so it wasn’t bad. Plus I need a little extra on the track being that it’s getting boring and repetitive after hearing it ALL THE TIME! Now T.I. wants in on the remix, but the entire song changed with this trap/EDM beat. Nothing against that genre it just does not work with the song and if a beat like that was going to be used maybe a different one would have been more suitable. I’m a DIE HARD T.I. fan, but this remix is just a mess. He has bars, but he was NOT needed for a remix whether it’s official or not. Despite T.I. being a legend in his own right he’s not really talking about anything. He talks about the same thing now and it takes away from what he’s created over the years as a rapper. He’s boring, repetitive, and needs to stop. As a die hard fan, I can admit this.

The song should have been left alone. Plus it’s FEBRUARY, the song dropped two months ago. The remixes should’ve been happening as soon as the song was released. On top of T.I. doing a remix, The Weeknd did one as well. Another one that I’m not impressed by. It’s like if you’re going to do a remix do it while the song is still fresh.

For instance, take Nicki Minaj’s, ‘Lookin A** Ni**a.’ All the remixes are being done because the song is so HOT right now that dudes jumped on the track making a remix of their own such as Cassidy and Trey Songz. Beyoncé’s track is not one that needs a response. Plus if there was to be a response, itshould’ve happened already.

As great as Beyoncé’s album WAS, no songs are really getting airplay and the only reason ‘Drunk In Love’ is getting airplay is because she’s Beyoncé. Hearing the same song over and over can be tiring.

Welp click here for the Kanye remix.

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