Video Review: J. Cole, ‘She Knows’

First off props to J. Cole on not taking the traditional approach with the making of the video. At first I was a bit confused about the concept, but after another glance I understood. First you have to listen closely to the lyrics. In a nutshell it’s about Cole cheating and doing what he does even though he’s in a relationship and although she sticks around, she knows what he’s doing.

Instead of taking that approach he did it from a child’s perspective; well a teenager. The boy is stealing money from his parents, skipping school, running from cops, smoking drinking, etc. and he thinks he has everything under control, everything under raps. When returning home he walks in to see his mom in the bedroom with a dude (J. Cole) and he rushes out. He thought that he had his secret so sealed and nothing phased him until he saw that. It goes in parallel with the track of the dude having his fun and the lady sticking around, but doing the same thing. The video showed the kids outlandish behavior, but his mother was just outlandish as he was. I’m pretty sure his parents have some instinct of his actions and from the scene at the end the father senses something, but doesn’t speak on it leaving the end up to the viewers imagination.

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