Single Review: Omarion, ‘You Like It’

There have not been many Omarion songs I have liked as of late. I’ve been a fan since his B2K days and regardless of how his career or lack there of as a solo artist has been he has talent and a great voice. Since his last album he’s signed with YMCMB and released ‘I Get It In,’ but it  was more of a hip hop track. Since signing to MMG he’s been on a few tracks alongside MMG teammates, but there was nothing I really liked. In this track he sampled DeBarge, ‘I Like It,’ and I LOVE this track. The beat is not the traditional ballad, but it’s the new ballad that a lot of artists use which includes more bass and it’s a little more upbeat. I love his voice on it and he not only samples the beat in a way, but he’s more so sampling the lyrics.

I like the comb your hair. I like those stylish clothes you wear. It’s just the little things you do that show how much you really care.

Debarge, ‘I Like It,’ 1982

Kudos to him for making the sample work in a tasteful way. He has confirmed that his new album will be titled, Sex Playlist. This will be his first album release on MMG and a followup to his 2012 mixtape, Care Package. Check out the trailer below:

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