Video Review: Nicki Minaj, ‘Lookin A** Ni**a’

I saw pics all over the blogs about Ms. Minaj shooting a new video, but I wasn’t expecting for it to be released so soon. First off, CLAP CLAP BRAVO to Nicki on this one. I love the simplicity of it & her bars, excuse me her PUNCHLINES are on point. It’s been a while since Nicki has been spitting like she used to and as promised she said she’d get back to it and this was not a disappointment. She’s in a desert looking fierce and I love how although she’s dressed sexy she’s not outlandishly sexy and I love the scenes where it focuses on her mouth and her rapping more so than her body. I love the way that this is going and I hope that her future music is like this. I love punchline Nicki that makes SENSE!

Nicki’s album is said to be called, The Pink Print. No word on whether the tile will be released as a mixtape or album. Aside from working on her own music, Nicki is teaming back up with her YMCMB crew and the track ‘Senile’ (w/ Tyga & Lil Wayne) is expected to drop any day now. I’m interested in seeing the REJUVENATION of YMCMB. They’ve all been low-key except for Drizzy Drake, but he’s in his own lane. Could 2014 be the year of YMCMB again?

7 thoughts on “Video Review: Nicki Minaj, ‘Lookin A** Ni**a’

    1. Yeah I could see the pony tail being distracting. I guess she had to do something lol. I’m really liking the direction she’s going with her new project though. I’m interested in seeing more.

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