Motivational Monday (V.6) — Self Love Pt. 1

Self respect, self worth, and self love, all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for value.

Rob Liano

With it being Valentine’s Day week I can’t get over all the girls that wish to be in relationships and I admire those who are fine being alone. I know that might sound crazy, but that’s just how I feel. This is for guys as well. I feel that there is someone out there for everybody regardless of what people might think of you. There is someone out there for you and yes it may take time to find that person; days, months, years, etc. To truly be happy and to give yourself to someone else you have to be confident in you are and be true and honest with yourself. Never settle and do not automatically change who you are for another person. Granted when you’re in a relationship it’s filled with compromise every now and then, but when the ‘love’ becomes unhealthy you lose sight of who you are. Before jumping into anything, with anyone, find who you are as a person. Mr. or Mrs. Right will always be waiting.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned for being in a relationship since high school was to not be so dependent on my boyfriend and to focus on myself and other aspirations. That did not necessarily mean a break, but it meant always taking time for me and finding who I really am. You grow a lot from high school and real, true friends always stick along for the journey without judgement, but do offer constructive criticism. It’s refreshing to be with someone that respects my values and does not force anything on me. For someone to stick around and wait while I pursued my dreams and continue to pursue is a great feeling. I guess I found my prince charming in high school and that does not go to say the relationship is perfect. What I have learned over the course of 8 years was to focus on me and if Mr. Right was really Mr. Right he’ll be there when I become a better person. For me it was all about building a friendship and in building a friendship I learned about myself. It’s an everyday journey and I have a long way to go. I just always tell people don’t lose yourself to keep someone else in your life. If they’re meant to be there they will stay for the long haul.

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