Single Review: Iggy Azalea x Charli XCX, ‘Fancy’

I have seen Iggy Azalea more on Instagram posting pics more than posting music. At first I won’t say that I didn’t like her vibe/swag/rhymes, I just didn’t know who she was. Once I found out she was affiliated with Hustle Gang I decided to give her music a listen. I like her tracks ‘Work’ and ‘Bounce’ and aside from making tracks here and there her music was credible enough for her to open for Beyoncé.

As for this track I first heard it on NYC, Hot 97 Morning Show segment, Battle of the Beats. I like it on first listen mainly because of the beat (sucker for a beat). The reviews were mixed on the show as far as the beat being dope, but Iggy rapping as if she’s from the south. No she does not speak how she raps, but I still think her flow is cool. This track is something I could hear on the radio compared to that of her other work, but NY is a hard market to get your music played on so I don’t expect to hear it on the airwaves in a rotation. My favorite part 1:18-1:28. Who knows when her debut album will appear. Right now she’s just an Aussie beauty that happens to rap. Female rappers are non-existent which sucks because their are some talented female rappers on the underground, BUT there’s always ONE female MC to be at the top.

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